"Predict When Trailing NBA Teams Can Erase Their Deficits, Masterfully Bounce Back From Behind, And Slaughter Their Opponents Like Butchers At A Meat Market With The Revolutionary NBA "Comeback" Betting System!"

Intuitively, when a team is behind in a game, their chances to win decreases. Being behind in a game likely means that the team is inferior to their opponent. It also means that the team must score more points in order to make up for the current deficit.

In fact, my research shows that an NBA team that's down by just 2 points halfway through the game is likely to end up losing the game 57% of the time. At 4 points behind, their chances to win drop to 30%. And if a team is trailing by 6 points at the halfway point, then their chances to win is just about 20% of the time.

The more that a team is trailing, the more likely they are to lose the game. Evidence shows that being behind in a game is a probable indicator of impending loss...

Or is it?

My research across decades of NBA games have produced a shocking discovery. What I found is that under certain conditions, NBA teams that are behind in a game were actually significantly more likely to end up winning it!

In fact, the same exact results were also shown to happen in college basketball games, where teams that are behind are significantly more likely to win the game under these certain conditions. It's a way for us to predict ahead of time when an underdog team has an exceptional probability to make a comeback to win it all.

World-famous plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Richard says this about the NBA Comeback Betting System: “I read the PDF and it looks very interesting. I am excited to use it!

Dr. Michael Richard, M.D. is a prestigious board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon specializing in advanced facial reconstructive surgery. He graduated with Honors from the Boston University School of Medicine, and teaches at Duke University Departments of Ophthalmology and Plastic Surgery. Dr. Richard has won numerous prestigious awards over his storied career, including the Patients' Choice Award, Compassionate Doctor Recognition, and Duke Teacher of the Year. He practices cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery at the famous Neigel Center for Cosmetic and Laser Surgery.

“I'm About to Drop You a Bombshell That's Never Been Revealed Before. It Will Turn Everything You Know About NBA Comebacks Right on Top of Its Head!” 

Introducing: The NBA "Comeback" Betting System


The NBA "Comeback" Betting System lets you make powerful predictions on when losing teams have exceptionally significant chances to come back and win the game. By halftime, you'll be able to place your wager on these losing teams, then sit back and watch as they likely make spectacular comebacks in the 2nd half!

The NBA "Comeback" System has been tested across decades of NBA games dating back to the early 1990's. Tens of thousands of games have been analyzed to ensure exceptional significance in the prediction of comeback games. And I'm going to reveal it all to you...

My rigorous tests so far have shown nothing but bank. Year after year after year, the system has accurately predicted the exact conditions that would make teams who are trailing in games to have an exceptional probability to come back and smash their opponents like rock stars with their guitars at the end of a wild performance!

So, why do underdog teams in the NBA sometimes come back and win?

It's intuitive to think that when teams are down, they're more likely to lose. In fact, it's true. My research shows that for every 2 points an NBA team is down, there is an associated 7% reduction in likelihood of winning. The more that a team trails, the more likely they are to lose.

But here's the shocker: While trailing is generally correlated with losing, it isn't always the case. Trailing doesn't always lead to losing...

And in fact:

“My Painstaking Research Has Found That in Certain Situations, Trailing Actually Leads to a Significant Probability Increase to Eventually Winning!”

You've seen it again and again. How many times have you witnessed a team down by 10+ points only to come back and dominate!?

Are these comebacks simply just the luck of the draw? Or is there more than meets the eye?

Is there another powerful factor at play that we aren't seeing?

The NBA "Comeback" Betting System will uncover to you my groundbreaking discovery behind the force that's driving miraculous comeback games in the NBA, and how you can cash in on them with the power of a dynamite prediction!

Yes, comeback games happen. It happens all the time. But comeback games don't always happen. Sometimes, a team may be down by 10 points at the half, only to come back and smash their opponent in the 2nd half to win the game. But other times, a team that's down by 10 will end up getting blown out by 20+ points in the second half!

What's the difference? Why do trailing teams sometimes bounce back, but other times continue to get destroyed? 

Darius Gandhi, American war hero and recipient of the prestigious Purple Heart Medal, says this about the NBA “Comeback” Betting System: “WOW! It works! The comeback system paid for itself...you are AMAZING!

Darius Gandhi was awarded with the prestigious Purple Heart Medal and a medal of honor for his heroic services in Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

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Evan O'Meara, head coach of the Pasadena City College Lancers, says: “Incredible success with this system play. I just did not trust it enough last night to make a full unit bet, so I made it a half unit. Still very happy with the result!! Seriously, Dallas vs the Clippers, no way it should have cashed, let alone a Dallas outright win. Keep up the great work pal!!!!"

Evan O'Meara coached the Pasadena City's Lancers' baseball program for 10 years. He has successfully coached many athletes to the professional leagues.


“Is There a Telltale Sign That Lets Bettors Accurately Predict When a Trailing Team Is Likely to Come Back and Destroy Their Opponent?”

I first started analyzing the records of thousands of games because I was just curious. I routinely saw trailing teams come back and dominate in the 2nd half, as much as I saw trailing teams continue to get demolished by their opponents on their way to an embarrassing blowout!

I wanted to know: Is there a telltale sign that can predict when a trailing team is exceptionally likely to make a spectacular comeback in the 2nd half?

What I discovered is nothing less than mind-blowing!

Time and time again, teams that were losing by the 1st half who would come back and destroy their opponents in the 2nd half all shared a common theme. It's a common theme that happens game after game, week after week, year after year, and decade after decade!

Leonard Kline, Chief Operating Officer of Weiser Security, says: “I'm impressed...I can't imagine how you came to realize this or the pattern & how much time & work you invested. My hat off to you for another excellent program...I am a lifelong fan!

Leonard Kline serves as the prestigious Senior Chief Operating Officer of Weiser Security.


“Across a Span of More Than 20 Years and Tens of Thousands of Basketball Games Played, I've Discovered a Telling Signal That Can Let You Make Masterful Predictions on When a Trailing Team Is Exceptionally Likely to Make a Comeback in the 2nd Half and Win It All!”

Simply make a wager at halftime. Now, sit back, relax and watch as magic may likely unfold in the 2nd half!

For years, I continually saw some trailing NBA teams continue to get humiliated in the 2nd half, while other teams bounced back and dominated their opponents!

I knew there must be a powerful underlying factor behind why some losing teams can bounce back, while others continue falling apart like a house of cards. What is the reason why teams can sometimes come back from behind? Can comebacks actually be predicted with significant accuracy?

So I began to pore over the stat sheets like a hungry scavenger picking apart a cadaver. I analyzed thousands of NBA games into the wee hours of the night until my eyes were bloodshot from peering at numbers jumping out of the sheets.

Could it have something to do with the team's current record? No, I found that a team's win-loss record did not increase betting value in their 2nd half's likelihood to come from behind.

Could it have something to do with the quality of the team's players? No. Whether the team was made up of All-Stars or rag tags, I didn’t find any betting value increase in their 2nd half bounce back probability.

How about the quality of the team's opponent? I found no reason to support this from my painstaking research.

What about the quality of the team's head coach? Surprisingly, I found that the quality of the head coach didn't make a meaningful impact in betting value increase for the game's 2nd half.

Anything to do with the referees? It's impractical to check this. Plus, referee biases are too subjective.

Could it be associated with how a team has had a good history of making comebacks before? Nope.

What if a star player from the opposing team is injured in the 1st half? While injury to an opposing team's star player does make a difference in a team's likelihood to mount a comeback in the 2nd half, the problem is that the sportsbook already takes this factor into account. Therefore, no increase in betting value was found.

Could it have something to do with a team's recent or upcoming schedule? No, this didn't matter either.

Could it have anything to do with the importance of the game? Sure, it's reasonable to think that players will try harder to come back if the game is a make-or-break game for their playoff chances. The problem is, this is already a factor considered by the sportsbook when they set the line for the game. Therefore, there was no measurable increase in betting value.

The short answer is: It's none of the above!

68-year-old senior Harlan Iwamoto is retired and now lives off his social security payments. He relies on the NBA Comeback Betting System to supplement his income and take care of his disabled daughter. Harlan says: “I just received your Comeback System and after examining it in detail I am totally amazed at how powerful it is. It's amazing how you can devise such a system. I am amazed at how many winners it picked.

Harlan Iwamoto is retired and must live off his social security benefits. His daughter is diagnosed with devastating amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

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Remarkably, I discovered that the telltale signal which can accurately predict whether a team can likely make an incredible 2nd half comeback comes down to one very specific thing that happens in the 1st half of the game. If this one specific thing happens, then chances for the team to bounce back and win it all in the 2nd half jumps significantly based on decades of historical data!

What's this
one specific thing that can have such a mind-blowing potential to help a team mount a convincing comeback? You'll find out all about it as soon as you gain access to my NBA "Comeback" Betting System!

The first time I stumbled upon my discovery for the NBA "Comeback" System, I was startled! But here's what's even more remarkable:
Once you find out what this hidden factor is that's driving NBA comebacks, it's going to all make sense to you. It will sound counterintuitive at first, and then you'll tell yourself:

"It makes so much sense!"

And the records all back it up. Across a span of decades and tens of thousands of NBA games, trailing teams who were affected by this one factor were much more likely to come back in the 2nd half and dominate their opponents on their way to convincing wins!

Just how effective is the NBA "Comeback" Betting System system in predicting when a trailing team will bounce back in the 2nd half?

Consider this:

“Based on My Rigorous Research of Tens of Thousands of Games Played Across Decades of the NBA, Most Teams That Were Trailing by the 1st Half Who Fell Into System Criteria Were Able to Completely Erase Their Deficits And Start Leading Within Just Minutes of The 3rd Quarter!”

Richard Wingfield is a 7-year US army veteran after his deployment to Guantanamo Bay. He says: “I am sure this system will be mindblowing!

Scott Evans was involved in a horrific accident when his car was rear ended from behind, leaving him with herniated and bulging discs in his back and neck. Scott now uses the NBA “Comeback” Betting System to help him generate income to recover from his devastating injuries. He says: “I think the system has a lot of merit... As it turns out it is a proven system with all the hard work done and provided by you!

Scott Evans’ car was totaled from a terrifying accident, leaving him with awful and lingering injuries to his back and neck.

Reverend Phillip Kellaway says: “What an amazing perceptive analysis that blows me away not just by the sheer depth of decades of NBA data but truly an amazing accuracy that again demonstrates your sheer brilliance! Your research in predetermining teams that you forecast in the second half is such a clever discovery. This is sheer Gold...by far the most brilliant NBA game changer!

Philip Kellaway is a highly respected reverend credited for uniting his church.

The method is so powerful that it can successfully predict when teams can likely mount comebacks without even tapping into the 4th quarter!

Now, we should all be mindful that past results do not guarantee future performance. However, past results may be a powerful indicator of a system’s potential. The longer that a system has been tested over the years, the more likely we can lean on its past results to predict its accuracy and strength. The NBA “Comeback” Betting System has been meticulously tested over decades through tens of thousands of NBA games in its quest to zero in on 1 powerful factor driving breathtaking comebacks in professional basketball!

The beauty of betting on the 2nd half is that it may provide incredible potential value. The reason for this is because the sportsbooks have extremely limited time to set 2nd half lines. Unlike setting a line for a full game where the oddsmakers have up to days to do the job, they have only minutes to determine what the 2nd half lines should be.

Since there is so little time for the sportsbooks to conclude lines for the 2nd half, these lines aren't as accurate as they should be. That's where a smart bettor can come in and exploit this weakness to cash in on a bet that may have exceptional value!

That's where the NBA "Comeback" Betting System truly shines. It takes advantage of possible inefficiencies in the 2nd half market because the oddsmakers don't have the luxury of time to be able to always accurately set the 2nd half lines.

My research has shown that the inefficiency is convincingly clear:

“I Found a Massive Distinction Between Teams That Are Losing, Then Go on to Lose Even More Versus Teams That Are Losing, Only to Come Back and Dominate With An Iron Fist in the 2nd Half!”

There is 1 powerful factor that separates trailing underdogs who can consistently come from behind and bounce back in the 2nd half versus trailing underdogs who continue to get squished like a bug!

And to determine this 1 powerful factor, it will take you no more than seconds!

You don't need to watch the game.

You don't need to see the flow.

You don’t need to mind the referees.

You don’t need to know who’s playing.

You don’t need to know any injury updates.

You don’t need to check any schedules.

Simply put: You don’t need to do anything beyond a glance that can quickly tell you whether or not the team may likely mount a magical comeback in the 2nd half.

Dana Bybee is bankrupt after being sued for over $100,000 from his real estate ventures. Now, he uses the NBA "Comeback" Betting System to help him get back on his feet. Dan says: “My first thoughts were, ah okay but does this really work? The more I read into it and thought about it the more I said this is genius absolutely brilliant!

Dana Bybee is forced into bankruptcy after he was sued for $100,000 stemming from his real estate investment failures.

Michael Chan, Ph.D. is a prestigious engineer who earned his Ph.D degree at the University of Newcastle, one of the best universities in the United Kingdom. Michael says: "Great logic to the system! Look forward to applying it."

Michael Chan, Ph.D. earned his coveted doctorate degree at the prestigious University of Newcastle, one of only two in the UK to achieve Five Plus Stars from Quacquarelli Symonds. The university has been awarded the perfect score of five Stars in all of the standardised assessment fields of Research, Internationalization, Facilities, Innovation, Inclusiveness, Specialist criteria and Student Employability.

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“To Successfully Use the System, All You Need Is Just a Few Minutes a Day!”

Here are what you can look forward to:

No chasing involved: You’ll never need to increase your stakes to recoup any past losses.

All bets are straight bets made on the point spread: That's it: Just simply bet on a team to cover the halftime point spread.

Risk less, win more: The NBA "Comeback" Betting System will have you risk less and potentially win more by only wagering on games with standard odds. You'll only need to risk about $110 for every $100 that you want to win.

No betting series to be committed to: Every bet you'll make is completely independent of one another.

Exceptional win rate: System boasts a phenomenal success rate as you've always come to know with my betting products. All of the documented records of the system will be fully available for you to access as soon as you gain entry to the system.

The NBA season is happening right now: It's a perfect time for you to get onboard!

Now, don’t just take my word for it. Talk alone is cheap. I’ve gone through the back-breaking work of documenting every piece of record across decades of basketball games played. Tens of thousands of games have been analyzed to ensure conviction in the strategy, and my findings will be handed to you as soon as you gain access!

“As Soon as You Gain Entry Into The System, You'll Command Total Access to the Entire Record of the NBA "Comeback" Betting System Over the Years So You Can See for Yourself Just How Dominating the System Has Been at Predicting When Trailing Teams Can Make Miraculous 2nd Half Comebacks!”

You'll have total transparency of just how incredible the system has performed over the years. You’ll be granted with all of the documented records of every single game in my research that's fallen into play under the system, and all of the corresponding results so that you can see for yourself the system's astonishing accuracy at predicting winners!

I look forward to having you onboard. You deserve to make your money work hard for you in a system that’s been time-tested to the breaking point. Based on historical results, the NBA “Comeback” MLB Betting System may just be the most lucrative betting system, ever!

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